Acoustics Soundproofing 2mm Thin Mat For Walls And Timber Flooring Sound Deadening Shop

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Acoustics Soundproofing 2mm Thin Mat For Walls And Timber Flooring Sound Deadening Shop

A 2mm soundproofing mat that blocks and reduces airborne noise through stud walls, wooden joisted floors, and ceilings. Please keep in mind that the Soundproofing Mat is a fairly hefty item, and larger purchases may require assistance in offloading! When used as a sound barrier, SoundProofing Mat is a heavy layer mineral-filled soundproofing mat with outstanding sound blocking capabilities and will deliver significant sound reduction through lightweight constructions. It works as a thin decoupling sound blocker in stud walls and timber flooring and is as effective as the lead of the same mass. It can be utilized as a single layer sandwiched between two sheets of plasterboard on lightweight constructions to get the best sound insulation. Soundproofing Mat has a 24dB insulation value in one layer. The insulation value of the two layers is 29dB. The insulation value of the three layers is 32dB. Depending on where you are standing, a 3dB improvement is equivalent to a 50% reduction in noise volume!! When the Soundproofing Mat is first unpacked, it may have a ‘rubbery’ smell because it is made from recycled industrial components. Any odour will usually evaporate after a few days, but to be safe, we recommend placing a thin layer of polythene over the insulation on walls and floors before installing the final covering to seal any undesirable odours. To use on flooring, make sure the floorboards are tightly fastened down so they don’t creak as you walk over them. Fill up the joints between the floorboards and around the room’s perimeter with our Acoustic Sealant to make the floor as airtight as possible. The layers of soundproofing mat are then glued to the timber floor with our Contact Adhesive.

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